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Kung-Fu Vs. Other Sports

It’s a common question I get when comparing fighting sports to each other. Everyone has their preference and ideas of which ones are more effective in the ‘real-world’ but these guesses are often not very knowledgeable, they simply watch Floyd Mayweather knock someone out and I think boxing is the best sport to fight off attackers. Truth is almost every fighting sport requires a certain amount of finesse and control, especially boxing. There are rules involved, no eye gauging, no kicks, no bites etc. In the real world a fight can get as dirty as they come, I’ve seen grown men flailing around, biting each other when it comes down to it, if you’re really that mad at someone I think anything becomes an option, even if it does hurt your manhood after. With this being said about boxing, you may think the next thing I’m going to say is “Kung-fu is the best real life fighting sport to defend against real life attackers and such”. False, I actually think its one of the worst. You see, its all about looking good. How clean did you strike, how clean was that kick. These things don’t really come into very much play when dealing with a street fight, it doesn’t matter if the kick was clean, it matters that the kick goes into someone face…. Hard. Kung-Fu gets judged on its looks rather than strength. Its not all bad however, Kung-Fu is more than just the flips and looking pretty, it creates patience and instils very important values within ones self, values that can be extremely… Continue reading Kung-Fu Vs. Other Sports

Personal Experience

So a few weeks ago my wife and I were at town seeing a couple of friends at a bar, it was their 10 year wedding anniversary so everything was pretty over the top, we had these beautiful limos, dressed all fancy, having an awesome night until we went into this one particular bar. We knew this bar was predominately populated with younger people but we were okay with that, we were at that point in the night were we just wanted to have fun, no worries. Well everything was fine until one young man tried to ruin it for us. He kept on coming up to us with a few of his buddies saying things like “You’re too old for this place, leave or else”. Keeping in mind this is totally out of the blue. He kept on coming up at different points in the night letting us know how old we were and to leave, shouting more and more offensive things as the night went on (and I’m sure for him the alcohol too). Each time I would tell him pretty much the same thing; “Relax, we’re here to have fun just like you, we don’t want any trouble.” Now that doesn’t make me a coward or scared, that makes me not want to beat this kid to a pulp in front of everyone and ruin his social life by making him the kid that got beaten by an old man lol. Anyway, he still wouldn’t stop and when his insults became directly racially aimed at my Chinese wife, I began to take the steps to react.

Kung Fu Match
Kung Fu Match

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Break from Kung-Fu

Okay so I thought I would deviate just this once from Kung-Fu and use my audience as a tool for improvement lol. So, here’s the deal, I’m an aspiring writer, nothing major just wanting to write articles for the local newspaper and that. I have a sample of my writing here and was wondering you guys would be able to review it for me? Let me know of any mistakes and that sort of thing. Thanks and again, this wont be usual, just a one off I think. Okay, here it is:

James K Baxter was a famous New Zealand poet who wrote about political problems as well as personal tragedies. Baxter’s life was one filled with ‘wrong turns’ and mistakes which is evident in through his failed relationships and/love affairs and changes in religious views. His life ended in 1972 in his self acclaimed favorite place, Jerusalem. He was happy there, this in contrast to his early life is a drastic change. This is shown In the difference of morals and tone when comparing his earlier poems to his later ones. His earlier poems include: The Cave, Wild Bees, Rocket Show and The Bay. These poems are identical in their grim ideals and dark imagery. The underlying grim atmosphere these poems create can be linked with each other through the theme of nature. Nature is diverse and explains the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Baxter often informs the audience of his low moods and thoughts through nature.

Wild Bees is a poem Baxter wrote in the 1940s and is telling a reminisce about when he and his friends destroyed a bee hive many years ago. The importance of nature is exaggerated in Wild Bees, much the same as Baxter’s other poems. He expresses his emotions in a simple yet effective way. In Wild Bees allusions are used to describe the destruction of the unsuspecting beehive. He seems to use nature to specify important objects or ideals. This is because Baxter is more ore comfortable talking about these dark emotions through nature. Baxter feels strongly about nature as it acts as a means of successful communication between himself and his audience. “O it was Carthage under the roman torches, or loud with flames and falling timber, troy!” this quote is a representation of the actual destruction of the bee hive which, I’m comparison of falling cartage and troy is much less significant however, in Baxter’s mind they have the same premise, showing how seriously he takes natures and how nature taught and continues to teach him life long lessons about random acts of destruction.

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Kung-Fu Masters

Everyone has his or her own preference for the greatest Kung-Fu masters in the world. This can be a fairly subjective matter seeing as the competitions usually don’t include physical confrontations between two masters. With that being said it can be extremely simple to determine whether or not someone is a proficient Kung-Fu artist or a wannabe scrub. This can come down to things as simple as stance. My personal opinion of the world’s greatest Kung-Fu master would have to be… BRUCE LEE!… I know, you were expecting it to be some not-so-known master but I go for the original Bruce Lee, the guys size and skill is the benchmark for everyone interested in Kung Fu and if you haven’t watched a legitimate video of him showing off his skills, you’re missing out. Ill find one later and post it in this article for you to see. For some reason when I tell people this they say something along the lines of: “No but like, who’s your favourite REAL Kung-Fu master” as if Bruce Lee is a fictional character. Folks, he was a real person with real skill. People just noticed how awesome what he did looked and paid him a whole bunch of money to do it while pretending to be someone else. Sure, its likely that a lot of what he did was enhanced by cinematography but c’mon I mean you need to be pretty bloody good regardless. Here’s a video I found of him playing table tennis against one of Chinas best players back then, what’s the catch? Bruce Lee is playing with nun-chucks instead of a paddle…. Check it out…

Bruce Lee Playing with Nun-Chucks

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