About Me

Hey what’s going on? My names Samuel a 43 year old black belt Kung-Fu master from Santa Cruz. I have been practicing the art of Kung-Fu since I was 6 years old, my mother and I were walking down the street when I saw a group of kids sitting with their legs crossed being instructed by an incredibly hypnotic teacher. I was intrigued at all the different movements the instructor was doing, how they flowed so smoothly. When I expressed interest in the sport of Kung-Fu, I remember most of my pairs initially being sceptical. They didn’t really understand the art of it all, just saw it as a fighting sport I guess. That’s what hooked me, keeps me in the sport, in the game. Keeps me wanting more and wanting to perfect my skill, because its more than a fighting sport. It really is an art, watch any of the top Kung-Fu artists and you tell me you aren’t mesmerised by the discipline, strength and beauty of it all. Anyway, I went on to progress through the belts at the normal rate, I wasn’t really any better than the other kids, I just kept on coming, when they dropped out or “grew out of it” I wanted to learn more. Eventually, after many intensive hours,  at 15 I earned my black belt. From there, everything was up. There was something about having that belt that struck a fire in me. I was more determined and proud than ever, which motivated me to enter tournaments and pushed me to have that oh-so-important thirst for success. Needless to say, I won some, I lost some, never quenching my everlasting thirst for the sport. When I was 25 I won a high profile competition that landed me an opportunity to further my Kung-Fu abilities in China. Being as obsessed with Kung-Fu as I was, I had already studied the Chinese language and culture and immediately took the opportunity up. The scholarship was only meant to be for two years however, they kept on offering me positions and promotions. 10 years later I was working full time doing what I love, teaching the future generations of the sport I know knew as home. I moved back soon after declining the position of an ultimate shīfu, basically the highest form of teacher at the facility. I missed what I once called home…. Don’t get me wrong it sounds like I had nothing else in my life other than Kung-Fu, that’s not true. While studying in China I met the love of my life, my wife. We have been together since 27 and have two beautiful children together (whom ironically really dislike Kung-Fu). We all moved back to Santa Cruz where I now own a Kung-Fu training school and love every second of it. You may ask, why am I making this site? Well, that’s a good question and I guess I don’t know the answer yet, all I know is, it’s another outlet where I can share my knowledge of Kung-Fu, my favourite hobby and connect with those similar to me.

If you have any sort of questions or concerns, even thoughts about what I can do to further improve my site it would be greatly appreciated. You can reach my contact info by visiting my Contact Me page. Alternatively, return to my Home Page