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Kung fu has been practiced in China for generations. Kung fu was popularized in Western culture by many movies throughout the years, and has now become a desireable form of self discipline practiced all around the world. Perhaps you have wanted to dip your feet into the world of martial arts, and you have picked Kung Fu as the discipline you want to practice, but do not know where to start. Do not fret, as this should not be an obstacle in your way. Firstly, you can do some simple web searches to find if there is a Kung Fu school in your city. Most major metropolitan areas have some form of a school. Shaolin Kung Fu is the most popular and common, as well as being a great place to start. There are several different disciplines within Kung Fu, but Shaolin is typically regarded as the standard. If you are not near any schools, you may have to get a bit more creative. In the modern world, with the internet, this has become easier. There is a litany of tutorial video’s you can access, or how to blogs. An other option is that you can go find an instructional book at your local library or book store. The central idea behind any martial art is self discipline, so do not be discouraged if you have to begin by teaching yourself, although it can be harder since you do not have someone to help you or correct you when you are making a mistake. This can prove to be a challenge, and deter people, but do not forget, practice makes perfect!

Once you have found a lesson plan or school you feel comfortable with, you need to begin training. As previously stated, self discipline is the key. That means you have to practice regularly. Beginners will find that they lack the endurance and flexibility to perform all the right moves which can seem discouraging at first, but once again, with enough practice you will persevere and it will feel all the better of an accomplishment. You can begin to track your progress from the first day, but the practice of learning Kung Fu has always traditionally been a life long process, you will not be a master for many years, and should understand that even the masters of Kung Fu practice every day and are still mastering their own techniques. Kung Fu can be a healthy part of your every day life, it provides a good outlet for stress, is a good form of exercise and can teach you a lot about yourself through the act of disciplining yourself. So if you have been interested in Kung Fu, as exercise or because the art fascinates you, go check some stuff out for yourself, you may find that the practice ends up helping you in other parts of your life. Go ahead and sign yourself up for your first beginner class or start your self taught Kung Fu on your own when you are ready.

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