My Life is Kung

When I first found a love for Kung Fu, I was just a kid. I grew up watching Bruce Lee and David Carradine and always thought that they were the epitome of cool. I used to watch Bruce Lee and wanted to be just like him, practicing and pretending I knew the moves in my living room. I lived in a small town, so there was nothing like a Shaolin Kung Fu school anywhere near me, the best I could get was a dated old book from the library. Despite, this, I used that book every day. As I got older, I realized that this book had its limitations. Once I moved out of my small town and into a city, I forgot about my love for Kung Fu for a while. It was not until I was so absolutely frustrated with my job that after my shift was up I randomly walked into a video store and saw the Kung Fu section again. I picked up one of my old favorites and watched it again that night and fell in love again. The next day I looked up places I could learn, and low and behold there was a school even in my neighborhood. I went down to check it out and was nothing short of impressed. I wanted to join in, but felt like I had been left behind since some of the kids in there were already ahead of me, not to mention I did not want to pretend like I knew what I was doing from some movies and an old crusty book. I went in and spoke with a few people who encouraged me to join a beginner class. The day finally came for my class and I was somewhat nervous, but once the class began it felt natural and good. Thankfully, all of that practicing on my own at least could help in that I had some good flexibility and core strength. I started going as much as I could, which was usually three or four times a week, or when I could squeeze it in after work. I started to notice I did not hate my job as much. It was one day after Kung Fu class that I realized it was not that my job was getting easier, but that my mind was not as obsessed with it. I was looking forward to practicing Kung Fu and not thinking about it as much. Kung Fu was actually helping my mental state! I no longer felt defeated and tired every day. I felt energized. I felt like I had more control over my life and that I could conquer more obstacles. Kung Fu helped me gain a level of discipline that I then transferred to my real life. I was in better shape so I also felt better about myself as well, which was a nice added bonus. So if you are needing a new level of focus in your life, and want something that will also be a positive lifestyle change, then why not consider Kung Fu? I still would like thank one of  my friends down in Texas who owns Bill was one of my mentors who has turned me on to Kung-Fu. Feel free to get in touch with him if you have any questions.

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