Kung-Fu Vs. Other Sports

It’s a common question I get when comparing fighting sports to each other. Everyone has their preference and ideas of which ones are more effective in the ‘real-world’ but these guesses are often not very knowledgeable, they simply watch Floyd Mayweather knock someone out and I think boxing is the best sport to fight off attackers. Truth is almost every fighting sport requires a certain amount of finesse and control, especially boxing. There are rules involved, no eye gauging, no kicks, no bites etc. In the real world a fight can get as dirty as they come, I’ve seen grown men flailing around, biting each other when it comes down to it, if you’re really that mad at someone I think anything becomes an option, even if it does hurt your manhood after. With this being said about boxing, you may think the next thing I’m going to say is “Kung-fu is the best real life fighting sport to defend against real life attackers and such”. False, I actually think its one of the worst. You see, its all about looking good. How clean did you strike, how clean was that kick. These things don’t really come into very much play when dealing with a street fight, it doesn’t matter if the kick was clean, it matters that the kick goes into someone face…. Hard. Kung-Fu gets judged on its looks rather than strength. Its not all bad however, Kung-Fu is more than just the flips and looking pretty, it creates patience and instils very important values within ones self, values that can be extremely…helpful when dealing with an attacker in the real world. For example, we are taught patience, if you’ve been into Kung-Fu for a long time you understand that it takes time to perfect things, a punch, a kick or a flip, everything takes a considerable amount of time to make perfect. This as well as waiting, practicing and hoping for that new belt makes proficient Kung-Fu masters experts at patience. Patience can be used in a street fight to determine where it is best to strike and best to hold back. It also saves energy for a prolonged fight and can help you from making and brash decisions that could get you into serious harm. The main problem with Kung-Fu and real life fighting is that it lacks to actual teachings for a disgruntles attacker and only focuses on opponents with a similar set of Kung-Fu skills to yourself.

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In my opinion the best fighting sport for the real world would be MMA. Most people know it for its highly gruesome and bloody matches, which is why it makes it as popular as it is. They have little rules in MMA and the fights you see will often replicate real world brutality. It brings in so many sports together, notably, boxing, Maui Thai and Jujitsu. The sport caters to every form of fighting, on the ground, in the air and standing normally. You will often see the sheer brutality from matches, it normally isn’t very pretty at all. This is because the sport focuses on brute force a lot of the time, something that resonates extremely well with the real life fights you may see. Its because of this, I conclude that Mixed Martial Arts is the most useful sport to have experience in when dealing with real-life unarmed attackers. On a little bit unrelated side note, I have seen every single type of shape and size compete and excel in MMA which makes it pretty unsettling to think anyone out there could beat my butt lol, just something to think about.


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