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Everyone has his or her own preference for the greatest Kung-Fu masters in the world. This can be a fairly subjective matter seeing as the competitions usually don’t include physical confrontations between two masters. With that being said it can be extremely simple to determine whether or not someone is a proficient Kung-Fu artist or a wannabe scrub. This can come down to things as simple as stance. My personal opinion of the world’s greatest Kung-Fu master would have to be… BRUCE LEE!… I know, you were expecting it to be some not-so-known master but I go for the original Bruce Lee, the guys size and skill is the benchmark for everyone interested in Kung Fu and if you haven’t watched a legitimate video of him showing off his skills, you’re missing out. Ill find one later and post it in this article for you to see. For some reason when I tell people this they say something along the lines of: “No but like, who’s your favourite REAL Kung-Fu master” as if Bruce Lee is a fictional character. Folks, he was a real person with real skill. People just noticed how awesome what he did looked and paid him a whole bunch of money to do it while pretending to be someone else. Sure, its likely that a lot of what he did was enhanced by cinematography but c’mon I mean you need to be pretty bloody good regardless. Here’s a video I found of him playing table tennis against one of Chinas best players back then, what’s the catch? Bruce Lee is playing with nun-chucks instead of a paddle…. Check it out…

Bruce Lee Playing with Nun-Chucks

There are other really awesome parts
to the video after the table tennis part too. Alright so that might be fake but listen, I don’t doubt that lee could actually do that, he’s a beast and although his real-life fights are not well documented, the instructional videos and motivational speaking is proof enough that he was an intellectually disciplined man, an important trait when wanting to master the art of Kunf-Fu. More interesting facts about who I think is the greatest Kung-Fu master of all time; His record knock-out was reportedly 11 seconds. He landed a knock-out kick and a preceding 15 punches to knock the opponent out. That’s fast punching and kicking, I kind of feel bad for the other guy though, well I guess he could brag about fighting the greatest Kung Fu master of all time, maybe just leave out the 11 seconds bit. Did you also know that while filming ‘Enter the Dragon’ in a fighting scene he kicked an actor (didn’t hit him obviously) so well that the director determined it looked ‘too fake’ and had to slow it down 34 frames so that viewers would believe it was a real kick. These days it’s the opposite, they try and make ACTUAL FAKE things look REAL but with Bruce Lee they try make ACTUAL REAL things look REAL, it makes me laugh. I could literally go on for hours about all the crazy facts and fictions that people have said about Bruce Lee but ill leave you with one last one, it makes me crack up with laughter every time. Bruce Lee once kicked a man so hard that it broke his arm…. The man that broke his arm then fell back and because the kick was so hard, he broke the arm of a man he fell into!… If that isn’t strength I have no clue at all what is. On a slightly less positive note, the way Bruce Lee died at 32 was quite tragic; with the strength he had losing his life to an allergic reaction from a painkiller seems unfair somehow, like he should have been surrounded by a bunch of evil no-good bad guys and go down fighting hundreds of them off. I guess that’s just how it goes though right, we all have to go some way…. RIP… Well didn’t that get depressing quick lol. I wont normally do that to you guys a promise, more Kung Fu talk to come in the future just stay tuned.

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