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So a few weeks ago my wife and I were at town seeing a couple of friends at a bar, it was their 10 year wedding anniversary so everything was pretty over the top, we had these beautiful limos, dressed all fancy, having an awesome night until we went into this one particular bar. We knew this bar was predominately populated with younger people but we were okay with that, we were at that point in the night were we just wanted to have fun, no worries. Well everything was fine until one young man tried to ruin it for us. He kept on coming up to us with a few of his buddies saying things like “You’re too old for this place, leave or else”. Keeping in mind this is totally out of the blue. He kept on coming up at different points in the night letting us know how old we were and to leave, shouting more and more offensive things as the night went on (and I’m sure for him the alcohol too). Each time I would tell him pretty much the same thing; “Relax, we’re here to have fun just like you, we don’t want any trouble.” Now that doesn’t make me a coward or scared, that makes me not want to beat this kid to a pulp in front of everyone and ruin his social life by making him the kid that got beaten by an old man lol. Anyway, he still wouldn’t stop and when his insults became directly racially aimed at my Chinese wife, I began to take the steps to react.

Kung Fu Match
Kung Fu Match

Now when I say this kid was young, he was probably about mid to late twenties, young for an old guy like me lol. I approached him at the other end of the bar and asked him, still very calmly to stop or there would be trouble and that neither of us would want that. As you’d expect, he got up with two of his buddies and came real close, still insulting my family, really viciously this time. He was very near the door, one of those doors you push and it opens, no handle. He grabbed my collar and leaned back with all of his weight to throw me through the door, landing outside in an alleyway. The whole thing sounds so much like a movie but it did happen I swear. So I got up and assumed my stance, he and a big crown ended up gathering round outside. They seemed to be laughing at my stance, something that I don’t understand really. All the movies I’ve seen have had a huge beating from the guy in this stance, I think they seemed to think it’s a fake sort of fighting or something. Anyway, the young guy swung which I deflected with my right hand quickly following his hook with a hard hit to the neck. He stumbled back looking surprised, I think this was the moment he knew I had fighting experience. The crowd looked surprised too, but the surprise was more of a “oh yes this is going to be good” kind of surprise. He tried jabbing me with his lack lustre punches skimming my face but never actually landing, each and every time he missed I would simply follow it up. He was too consumed with rage to realise my tactic, needless to say, he lost and when he gave up and ran away, people literally cheered for me, which got me thinking. People really love seeing people fight huh? It reminded me of this book I read a while back called the professor In the cage by Jonathan Gotschall – why men fight and why we like to watch. He puts some science into the whole fighting scene, linking back to ancestral roots of fighting and hunting tendencies. That explains the crowd and the young guy that initiated the fight but it doesn’t explain my approach to the fight. There was never a point when I was mad at the guy, the only reason I confronted him was because my friends were getting upset at his remarks. Even when he swung, I  was taking in hat he was going, processing it and coming up with a solution, I was never frantic or rage filled, I simply won the fight by thinking a little. Its moments like these I realise how much Kung-Fu really has made a difference in my life. It has made me calm, I’m not like that young guy, I don’t get passionate about trying to hurt someone, I think about it. I use patience and discipline to allow a positive outcome for myself, that’s one of the most important lessons a man can gain.

Learning the art of patience
Learning the art of patience

Hope you guys enjoyed my little personal experience lol, its not typical for me to get into physical confrontations, especially at my age and point in life but sometimes they cant be helped. I defended myself that’s all. Again, if you have any questions about this incident or anything I general you can send me an email at THIS address.

Break from Kung-Fu

Okay so I thought I would deviate just this once from Kung-Fu and use my audience as a tool for improvement lol. So, here’s the deal, I’m an aspiring writer, nothing major just wanting to write articles for the local newspaper and that. I have a sample of my writing here and was wondering you guys would be able to review it for me? Let me know of any mistakes and that sort of thing. Thanks and again, this wont be usual, just a one off I think. Okay, here it is:

James K Baxter was a famous New Zealand poet who wrote about political problems as well as personal tragedies. Baxter’s life was one filled with ‘wrong turns’ and mistakes which is evident in through his failed relationships and/love affairs and changes in religious views. His life ended in 1972 in his self acclaimed favorite place, Jerusalem. He was happy there, this in contrast to his early life is a drastic change. This is shown In the difference of morals and tone when comparing his earlier poems to his later ones. His earlier poems include: The Cave, Wild Bees, Rocket Show and The Bay. These poems are identical in their grim ideals and dark imagery. The underlying grim atmosphere these poems create can be linked with each other through the theme of nature. Nature is diverse and explains the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Baxter often informs the audience of his low moods and thoughts through nature.

Wild Bees is a poem Baxter wrote in the 1940s and is telling a reminisce about when he and his friends destroyed a bee hive many years ago. The importance of nature is exaggerated in Wild Bees, much the same as Baxter’s other poems. He expresses his emotions in a simple yet effective way. In Wild Bees allusions are used to describe the destruction of the unsuspecting beehive. He seems to use nature to specify important objects or ideals. This is because Baxter is more ore comfortable talking about these dark emotions through nature. Baxter feels strongly about nature as it acts as a means of successful communication between himself and his audience. “O it was Carthage under the roman torches, or loud with flames and falling timber, troy!” this quote is a representation of the actual destruction of the bee hive which, I’m comparison of falling cartage and troy is much less significant however, in Baxter’s mind they have the same premise, showing how seriously he takes natures and how nature taught and continues to teach him life long lessons about random acts of destruction.

The Cave is another dark poem by Baxter. He explores life’s problems and difficulties by personifying parts of nature and using allusions. Despite all the negative points in Baxter brings attention to a place of peace and serenity he finds in nature, specifically, a cave. He goes into detail of the sheer beauty of the cave which in contrast to the harsh imagery of life’s problems “loves contagion” is a much softer and lighter subject. “Gladly I would have stayed there and been hidden from the beast that lives under the sun, from ages enmity and loves contagion” This harsh representation of aging and love (“contagion” representing love as a sickness) shows Baxter’s feelings towards life and its hardships but he conveys that peace can be found within nature, almost like a savior when his life gets difficult, yet he must continue with his life.

Rocket Show is yet another one of Baxter’s earlier poems that explore the loss of love, which is another dark and sad subject. Baxter’s graphic imagery shows what it is like to fall in love and then be heartbroken. “With fire bird wings trailing an arc of grief across a night so inhuman as the grave.” Once again Baxter reverts his dark feelings back to nature. “White steel sparks against the night sky” This quote is somewhat a hyperbole, exaggerating the feeling of losing love. Baxter has attempted to put a visualization of losing love in the audiences mind to help them relate to Baxter’s personal feelings and thoughts. This is much the same throughout all of Baxter’s earlier poems, they all have the same similar goal of trying to help the audience understand Baxter’s message of nature’s true beauty through uses of imagery of nature.

James K Baxter’s earlier poems were mostly dark and full of sadness, he conveyed his points through use of allusion and imagery that were always nature representing something good or being able to represent a certain idea or moral Baxter wants to share with the audience. Wild Bees, Rocket Show and The Cave are all poems that use descriptive and sometimes harsh imagery to efficiently and effectively get across a point, he does this with nature as it is common ground with the audience and as they are in contact with nature all of their lives.

That’s all, I should have stated earlier its an essay on a poem analysis of James K Baxter, a famous poet I really enjoy. Take it easy guys, Kung-Fu talk to come.

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Kung-Fu Masters

Everyone has his or her own preference for the greatest Kung-Fu masters in the world. This can be a fairly subjective matter seeing as the competitions usually don’t include physical confrontations between two masters. With that being said it can be extremely simple to determine whether or not someone is a proficient Kung-Fu artist or a wannabe scrub. This can come down to things as simple as stance. My personal opinion of the world’s greatest Kung-Fu master would have to be… BRUCE LEE!… I know, you were expecting it to be some not-so-known master but I go for the original Bruce Lee, the guys size and skill is the benchmark for everyone interested in Kung Fu and if you haven’t watched a legitimate video of him showing off his skills, you’re missing out. Ill find one later and post it in this article for you to see. For some reason when I tell people this they say something along the lines of: “No but like, who’s your favourite REAL Kung-Fu master” as if Bruce Lee is a fictional character. Folks, he was a real person with real skill. People just noticed how awesome what he did looked and paid him a whole bunch of money to do it while pretending to be someone else. Sure, its likely that a lot of what he did was enhanced by cinematography but c’mon I mean you need to be pretty bloody good regardless. Here’s a video I found of him playing table tennis against one of Chinas best players back then, what’s the catch? Bruce Lee is playing with nun-chucks instead of a paddle…. Check it out…

Bruce Lee Playing with Nun-Chucks

There are other really awesome parts to the video after the table tennis part too. Alright so that might be fake but listen, I don’t doubt that lee could actually do that, he’s a beast and although his real-life fights are not well documented, the instructional videos and motivational speaking is proof enough that he was an intellectually disciplined man, an important trait when wanting to master the art of Kunf-Fu. More interesting facts about who I think is the greatest Kung-Fu master of all time; His record knock-out was reportedly 11 seconds. He landed a knock-out kick and a preceding 15 punches to knock the opponent out. That’s fast punching and kicking, I kind of feel bad for the other guy though, well I guess he could brag about fighting the greatest Kung Fu master of all time, maybe just leave out the 11 seconds bit. Did you also know that while filming ‘Enter the Dragon’ in a fighting scene he kicked an actor (didn’t hit him obviously) so well that the director determined it looked ‘too fake’ and had to slow it down 34 frames so that viewers would believe it was a real kick. These days it’s the opposite, they try and make ACTUAL FAKE things look REAL but with Bruce Lee they try make ACTUAL REAL things look REAL, it makes me laugh. I could literally go on for hours about all the crazy facts and fictions that people have said about Bruce Lee but ill leave you with one last one, it makes me crack up with laughter every time. Bruce Lee once kicked a man so hard that it broke his arm…. The man that broke his arm then fell back and because the kick was so hard, he broke the arm of a man he fell into!… If that isn’t strength I have no clue at all what is. On a slightly less positive note, the way Bruce Lee died at 32 was quite tragic; with the strength he had losing his life to an allergic reaction from a painkiller seems unfair somehow, like he should have been surrounded by a bunch of evil no-good bad guys and go down fighting hundreds of them off. I guess that’s just how it goes though right, we all have to go some way…. RIP… Well didn’t that get depressing quick lol. I wont normally do that to you guys a promise, more Kung Fu talk to come in the future just stay tuned.

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